Is Death Taken Too Seriously – Is It The End?

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Is Death Taken Too Seriously – Is It The End?

Why We Fear Death

Many people and more than itself, they fear how painful the end will be. There is some philosophical few who think that the idea of ceasing to exist is what scars or mortifies us the most. At the base level, all of us associate ourselves with the body that we possess and we cannot think beyond it. Thus, the idea that our bodies will cease to function and how the end will come is what we fear the most above everything else.

We can seek comfort in many scientific theories that have come up of late. That point out to the obvious way in which death is not really the end but just a state of transformation or the life force moving on to other forms.

The Theory Of Biocentrism

As per the theory of Biocentrism, there is an infinite number of universes and everything that occurs happens in some universe or the other. Death does not exist in any of these scenarios in the real sense or as per the definition of absoluteness. As all the possible universes exist simultaneously, life goes on in all kinds of bio species even if death occurs in some of them.

Today, the life of an individual or a being is seen as nothing but a form of energy, known as life force. This is an energy that is deemed as indestructible. There is a feeling of being alive in a human being. When the being dies, the energy does not die with it. It is as per the axioms of science that have been established for sure. Energy never dies and neither can it be created or destroyed. However, it is a question as to whether the energy transcends from one world to another.

Religious Theories On Death

There are many religious theories that are put forward to death and what it signifies. Many religions have provided the concept of hell and heaven in order to make human beings be more responsible for their actions through their lifetime. Thus, the soul either goes to ‘heaven’ or ‘hell’ as per the way a person lives his or her life and the deeds that they do in life determines the destination of one’s soul.

While in the olden days people were much influenced by such thoughts, today most people have a more scientific notion about death. However, it is true that, even if our life energy never dies, we do lose the sensations that make us feel alive and be what we are – human beings.

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