The life, death and afterlife of social video

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The life, death and afterlife of social video.

The Internet is currently seeing a huge increase in . What started with the hugely popular is now finding a place within many peoples ‘social sphere’. Apps like Viddy and Social Cam now mean that videos can be filmed, edited and uploaded quickly and easily. The idea of having a catalogue of videos, the size of which, rivals most people’s photo library is now becoming the norm. It is due to this trend that I see it more and more likely that videos will soon be an increased part of funerals and wakes.

Personally I would love to have a presence at my own and I believe I can do this with social video. I have been working in the social space for a while now and the idea of being there really appeals to me. Firstly, I would love to leave messages in the to loved ones and answer a large set of Dad related FAQs and storehouse them, just in case. Questions might cover ‘should I go to university?’ or ‘what do you think of my fiancé? The latter being mostly that they are not good enough for her but if you love him then ok.

Secondly I would like to be the DJ at my wedding and pick 50-100 songs that mean something to me or spark memories both good and bad and have momentary interludes where I would talk about the songs I am playing. A personal favourite to play at a wedding would be Queen’s ‘Who wants to live forever’ as it is not only moving, but mildly amusing as well. I am hoping for an Irish style wake with singing drinking and general high spirited and so i would be sure to include some sing-a-longs which I too might join in. I’m sure to some, the idea of having the participate in their own funeral sounds weird but for me I would want to try and comfort my guests and let them know that I am happy, full of love, even though i’m dead.

About the Author: Ian Garstang is an avid indie gamer and enjoys SEO and Social Media