Share memories on Facebook after you die

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Share memories on Facebook after you die

has changed the way in which many of us live and interact. But it’s also changing the way our death is perceived by friends and relatives. We can now have a digital through Memorial pages. But the three options to share love and memories on Facebook after you die can be somehow confusing.

Your account can be memorialized.

Not long after the notification of your ,  it’s probably what will happen to your Facebook account when you die.

Only people already on your friends list can interact with your page. Good way to keep at large trolls and random inappropriate comments. But your page can’t be easily moderated.

If anybody decides to post something un-respectful after you pass away, only Facebook will be able to remove the incriminated comment.

It will take for this time. And more than one person to report the post as inappropriate.  Allowing for anger and indignation to pollute your memory.

Another downside is that nobody will be allowed to join the list of existing friends. Leaving out members of your family. Who would have sincerely appreciated to join your friends in their mourning.

A dedicated Memorial page can be created.

This kind of page can help to resolve most of the caveats of Facebook Memorial pages. Anybody can create such a page and have full control over the content. And the access can be restricted to your old friends only.

But it can also be set to public, allowing anybody to join the discussion. Thus leaving the door open to previously excluded family members. But also letting in the nastiest trolls.

Fortunately, there is a better solution to share love in the afterlife.

A Facebook Memorial group.

More elaborated than a simple page. A group will allow its creator and designated administrators to have full control over both the content and the member’s subscription.

It’s today the safest way to preserve somebody’s memory on Facebook. But, alas, it’s also the less known.

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