Caveats of Facebook Memorial Pages

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Caveats of Facebook Memorial Pages

If you have ever wondered what will happen to your Facebook account when you die, you probably know already that your page will be memorialized. Unfortunately, the caveats of Facebook Memorial pages can place your family in a very uncomfortable situation.

No administrations rights.

Your account will be locked. And even if you did disclose your password before your to a trusted person, nobody will be able to manage your account.

But what if your last status update, for example, becomes extremely awkward due to the circumstances? What if your profile contains pictures that you don’t want to be remembered for?

What if your family doesn’t want some information to stay online?

Social media has evolved faster than the law. Currently, in most places, only terms define the rights to access to your account.

The only option left to your family without going to court is close definitively your page. And find another solution to share memories on Facebook after you die.

Locked friends list.

Maybe the most annoying feature of a memorialized page. Many of us prefer not to include our parents in our friends list. In the scarce eventuality they do actually have an account.

What more saddening for your loved one to be unable to join your friend’s mourning?

Personally, I want my Facebook do die with me. But I know that many others would like to keep sharing their love in the digital .

Facebook memorial page trolls.

Because nobody can be added as a friend to a memorialized page, common trolls will not be able to pollute your memory. As they unfortunately do on pages created after your death by family or friends.

But what about people already on our friends list? We rarely know in person everybody we added. And unfortunately most of teenagers would accept any random friend request just to increase the size of their list.

If any of the persons allowed to post on your page decides to write un-respectful comments, then the whole thing will turn in a nightmare. Until they are eventually banned or the page is closed.

Word of advice: clean your friend’s list regularly!

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