What will happen to your Facebook account when you die ?

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What will happen to your Facebook account when you die

Unless you have carefully planned your , what will happen to your account when you die may not be exactly what you would have wished.

But even then, things can get complicated. And even awkward for your family and friends.

As opposed  to many other social networking websites and e-mail providers, Facebook has an elaborated policy. At the center of many controversies.

In the absence of specific legislation in most countries and states, the company terms of service are often recognized as a legal contract.

Your account could stay as it is.

As long as nobody notifies Facebook of your death through their dedicated page, you will have a digital . Somehow.

Your name will still appear in searches, friend’s suggestions, etc. If you have given your password to somebody else, before you pass away or through a will or a digital estate service, this person will be able to update your status. Reply to messages.  And so on.

Awkward. But also fairly illegal, as it will be considered “unauthorized access” under the law. Facebook terms do not allow the transfer of your password to anybody else.

To stop this, it takes only a very simple step for a friend or a family member to disallow access to your account. Placing it in a “memorialized” status, no matter if it was your wish or not, is the usual practice.

 Your account will switch to “Memorial” state.

This is, today, the default and most common scenario. “Somebody”, not necessarily a family member, contacts Facebook with some basic details about your account (full name, original email address) and provides a link to an obituary or a document as proof of your death.

Your name will not appear anymore in searches.  Most of your profile details will be removed. Access to your account administration will be (definitively) blocked.  Only friends in your list will be able to see your wall and post comments, share memories, pictures and Love.

This can be a great way for your friends and relatives to share memories on Facebook after you die.  But it can also lead to a number of serious issues : Caveats of Facebook Memorial Pages

Your account will be closed and its content deleted.

The process is slightly more complicated. Only a close family member or legal executor can process the request. They will be asked to provide official documentation of your death.

If requested by yourself in your last will, or by court order on request of your family, Facebook will also hand a full backup of your data on disk.

But what if I want my Facebook to die with me?

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