Embracing the Transition – I am not afraid to die

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Embracing the Transition – I am not afraid to die

I have been working primarily with oncology and Hospice patients in my nursing career for over 30 years, and I am not afraid to die anymore. I have come to believe that is like laying down our heavy clay suits, so to say, and being free, light and totally immersed in love and light and peace and overwhelming acceptance.

Can I prove it? No. But being at the beside of these dear patients who will sometimes tell you what they are already seeing as they are ‘leaving’ us, to this day, boosts my hope.

They will speak of The Light, they will say their angels are with us to escort them, and they will talk to relatives who have previously passed who have come to assist them in their transition. Some of them have as well as pre- experiences. They will tell you, as an example, they were bleeding internally and then they are out of their body and up in the corner of the room and then begin to notice a very bright light in the distance becoming larger and larger.

They move up a tunnel and then into the bright light and find family, friends, pets from their past, angels, or guides, and a assigned ‘tour guide’ to visit awhile, ask questions, and then be told they must return to live out the rest of their purpose for being alive on Earth at this time. They are disappointed to return.

Of course not every patient spoke of these events, but the ones who did are forever etched in my heart of hope. My website www.ladyhawkpublishing.com shares some of their stories. I count it an honor and a gift to have been with all my patients and their families. I felt like a mid-wife for those who were making this ‘rebirth’.

Because of them, I am .

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